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Grabo Sport Flooring

Exercises and sporting activities on a regular basis have positive effects on the human body. At the same time, it is not indifferent however, that in what context or on what kind of surfaces are these activities being carried out.

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In addition to the sports shoes, flooring has a profound effect on the knee, ankle joints and protection of the back. While developing our flooring products for sports purposes, we always kept in mind the excellent athletic performance and maximum protection of the health of the athletes.

All our products are designed for indoor use. Our recommended sports floors and sports parquetting systems are durable, safe and provide a basis for a high level of aesthetic and recreational sports activities.

Our customer reviews are wide-ranged, since we sell our products in more than 70 countries around the world on a daily basis. Every day hundreds of thousands of people test our floors while competing, training, or in doing sport in their free time.

Sport floors

The extremely diverse requirements for sports floors can best be met by building the floors in multi-levels, after selecting the most approriate material to suit each layer. During the development of these sport flooring systems, we strive to:

  • minimise the risk of injuries,
  • effectively protect the joints of athletes even during long enduring sports activities,
  • support the achievement of outstanding athletic performance,
  • provide the same surface conditions on any given part of the court.

We highly recommend the sport flooring systems of our supplier for both competitive sport and recreational activity pitches.They are suitable for rooms where ball games, gymnastics, trainings, dance and fitness trainings are carried out.

VINYL sport floors

Our supplier has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing and sale of vinyl floor coverings for the purpose of sports. Through the wide range of our product lines, we can offer more alternatives for every individual requirement, be it for the purpose of training, relaxation, competitive sports or recreational sport activities . The graboSport layerings have excellent sports and protective properties.


Excellent power degradation
Genuine joint and cartillage protection
Due to the power degradation, the athletes joints and cartillage are protected even in the event of regular sporting activities carried out in the long term.

Optimal friction coefficient
Balance in-between grip and slipping
Thanks to the work up of the surfaces, the friction coefficient of the floors is such that the athlete can change direction quickly and easily without the risk of slipping.

Optimal vertical deformation
Outstanding comfortability
Special rear foam of the layering provides optimal vertical deformations, which increases comfort and reduces the risk of injuries.

Excellent ball bounce
High level sport performance
Excellent for ball team sports, because it does not adversely affect the game. Good ball rebound value.

More benefits:

Intelligent floors, which provide excellent resistance to abrasion and easy to clean.

Self-disinfecting surfaces, which provides perfect hygiene, is of the utmost durability and have low maintenance costs.

Owing to the formation of the surfaces, there is a lower risk of infection.

Durable and easy to clean surfaces with optimal slip-grip features.

Cross-linked surface which increases the abrasion resistance and prevents contamination.

With environmental concerns on our minds, all of our products contain no solvents or heavy metals.

Our Vinyl sports floors are 200 cm wide, resulting in fewer welding, and making them easier to install.

Surface treatment is unnecessary, and therefore resulting in low maintenance costs.

The vinyl flooring products are 100% recycle-able. Wastes produced during the production can be re-used close to 100% again. Our products increase the proportion of recycled materials.

Comfort and protection -through the lower layer of foams which absorbs the energy. Ease of changing direction and reduced risk of injury- provided by the deformation of the top foam layer.

The FloorScore certificate (tested by SCS Global Services, an independent International Institute) product meets California 01350 Specification, the specification for low indoor emissions and fits into the LEED environmental rating system.

Features our PVC:

  • High degree of walking comfort
  • Knocking sound inhibition
  • Heat and noise insulation
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely beneficial application features: fast, easy and cost-effective laying
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Holding size/dimension stability

The manufacturer of the products have manufactured roll vinyl flooring for more than 50 years with experience in innovative solutions for the retail and institutional sectors, be it for any technical or design of any nature. Our company is a distributor of vinyl floor coverings such as heterogeneous coil, which are made up of different layers. The heterogeneous vinyl floor coverings have the wear layer made of clear transparent PVC, without fillers, which guarantees outstanding abrasion resistance.

The glass in-between the layers gives excellent stability. Additional advantages are the freedom to make forms and ease of layering. The residential flooring combines the attractive appearance of our products with technical content.

Protective sheaths to be laid on the floors can be provided in order to protect the floors from damage during events and activities.

We have our products quality controlled and certified by internationally renowned, independent institutions.


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