About us

Our company has many years of history in parquet laying, renovations or the laying of pvc materials.

Primarily we would like to fill the gap left by the market in a professional level, in the areas of residential flooring and the laying of pvc.

Our company’s creed is that by using high-quality raw materials and utilising our high skills, we are able to satisfy our customers' requirements.

Our company uses high quality raw materials produced by a well-renowned manufacturing plant, a plant which has decades of experience in this field and where the most traditional building material is used to the highest standards with state of the art technology in order to create wood flooring with absolute perfection. Whether it is about traditional or mainstream trends, the up-to-date designs, high-quality raw materials and the structure of the parquets produced by our supplier is a guarantee of a long term satisfaction.

In the heart of Europe, with a world-class quality

Our products are CE certified and are produced within the framework of strict quality and environmental management system in order to guarantee that high quality is always maintained. Our products are produced by one of the largest manufacturers of flooring factories in Central Europe, and the proof of the reliability of these systems are certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.

Certified quality

Hundreds of thousands of users who are satisfied with the quality of our products is the substantial proof of our quality products and studies carried out by independent certification agencies for a wide range of international markets confirm that we sell floors which can meet the highest quality standards anywhere in the world.

Our products meet the Finland M1 (Emission Classification of Building Materials) requirements System as proved by the certification of the rigorous standards of compliance.

Together with the leaders in the trade

The company that produces the materials we use have long been operating as a permanent member of the most important industrial flooring professional association of Europe, the FEP-pel (European Federation of the Parquet Industry). The information obtained through membership also provides the possibility that we sell parquet floors that meets the rquirements of the most demanding customers.

Unterschleißheim,Freising München, Dachau, Erding, Landshut,

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Fogta Attila
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