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Grabo Viking

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Special tri-band, polished surface floors that give an exciting, yet harmonious unique appearance to the floors.

Make your choice from the different types of wood and surface treatment modes and find your favorite wooden floor from within our product lines.

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Though we are in pursuit of perfection in the marketing of our parquets, we do not overlook the fact that the raw materials with which we work are nature's gift. We consider it important that the wood used in the manufacturing of our quality products originate from verified sources, which guarantees that the operations in producing an added value product are in accordance with the environment and part of the sustainable development goals.

We all have a common interest in maintaining and the continuous supervision of the goals mentioned above. These commitments have led us to make the decision that the parquet floors that we deal in meet the standards of the globally recognized principles of PEFC certification. The products we use are therefor made in the spirit of sustainable forest management.

Main Features of our Parquets:

  • High degree of walking comfort
  • Knocking sound-retardant properties
  • Heat and noise insulation
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely advantageous technical application properties: fast, easy and cost-effective laying
  • Excellent price / performance ratio that makes it economical housing in all categories
  • Holding size / Dimension stability

Unsere Leistungen sind in den folgenden Ortschaften verfügbar: Unterschleißheim, Freising, München, Dachau, Erding, Landshut,

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Contact details for our sales representative are:

Fogta Attila
Tel.: +49 157 5350 4266

Unsere Leistungen sind in den folgenden Ortschaften verfügbar: Unterschleißheim,Freising München, Dachau, Erding, Landshut,