The manufacturer of the products we use for flooring has been in production on the same premises in Győr for the past 110 years.

Renovated in 2008, the Győr factory over the last century is one of the prominent domestic plastics industry, the only plant in Hungary to produce fake leather and PVC floors.

The company began more than 40 years ago to produce PVC floorings in the premises of Győr, which at the same time means that it has earned traditional manufacturing experience in Europe in the production of these goods.

Today, the plant is basically flooring and PVC-flooring production-oriented, world-class residential, sports, public and flooring are manufactured here.

The manufacturer of the products use eco-technology processes with priority, so that a large proportion of the waste generated during production are re-used resulting in an environmentally safer surroundings and cost-effective processes.

The Flooring Pro is designed to continue the along the path paved in the last decade: to become a European player in the special materials produced by our supplier and make it widely known, as well as increase our market clout by doing professional jobs int he field of laying floors.

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